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Postcards to the Future by Anne Whitaker

by: Watkins Books

Postcards to the Future: Mercurial Musings 1995-2021 brings together the very best work in astrological journalism by Anne Whitaker, first published in and on such highly respected magazines and websites as The Mountain Astrologer, The Astrological Journal, Dell Horoscope, Astrodienst ( and more.

This unique collection of essays and articles covers a vast spectrum of subjects – from planetary cycles, Fate, the 12th house, professional ethics and science to transits, progressions, planetary ingresses, Jungian psychology and the astrological links between between Frankenstein creator Mary Shelley and climate activist Greta Thunberg. Even Dolly the Sheep's cosmic significance is charted.

As a writer and columnist, Anne Whitaker carries her considerable learning lightly. She combines a forensic approach to subjects with flashes of sardonic humour, often linking themes to her own extraordinary and eventful life. This approach has earned her an army of fans (and editors) who appreciate her fearlessness, honesty, openness and critical robustness.

Praise for Postcards by leading astrologers:

“Prolific writer, creative thinker, caring soul and in-depth astrologer. Anne Whitaker reveals all these characters in this engaging compilation of astrological writings and musings, inspired by her 40+ years of immersion in astrology. I greatly admire the way Anne animates astrological symbols so they live in the moment and touch us deeply. Postcards is brimming with these moments.” – Brian Clark, author of Soul, Symbol and Imagination

Postcards to the Future by master astrologer Anne Whitaker is a superlative collection of delight and depth. Anne offers us sagacious storytelling treasures of soulful, relatable experience culled from her lifetime of study, counseling, teaching, and writing, including her much-loved Dell Horoscope column. Each recollection of old cycles or new horizons brims with the wisdom and wit that only four decades of exploration through a lens of eloquent self-observation and poetic psychological awareness could give. ‘A life well examined’, Socrates would say, and wonderfully shared in this rich, sophisticated compilation – Ronnie Grishman, Editor Emeritus, Dell Horoscope magazine

“An in-depth knowledge of astrology requires an investigative and probing mind. To become proficient in the art, astrologers must learn more than the basics and how to apply them – they must test assumptions learned from books and teachers, put energy into researching the links between birth charts and biographies, and keep curious and observant – always keen to refine their craft. Astrology must also be a deeply personal pursuit, for the way in which we approach and interpret a birth chart reflects our subjective view of the world. However open we astrologers may be to others’ viewpoints and techniques, inevitably we relate to a birth chart from our own lens coloured by life experiences and interactions.

Postcards to the Future fulfils both criteria. It’s a diverse compendium of astute, hard-won, professional observations that also contains many humorous and personal anecdotes. It’s a sincere reflection of Anne Whitaker’s pursuit of all things astrological, and her personal journey as a psychological astrologer and consultant...

“The essays in Postcards are peppered with new perspectives on familiar topics – the sort of perceptive analyses only available to a writer after years of searching and researching the subject...In Anne Whitaker, we meet these through a Mercury–Pluto conjunction and Jupiter in Scorpio in the 3rd house – placements worthy of a writer, counsellor, teacher and mentor who has made astrology her creative passion for over 40 years.” – Frank C. Clifford, celebrated astrologer, teacher, lecturer, publisher and author