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Sound Healing by Farzana Ali

We already use sound as a form of self-care, from self-soothing with music to immersing ourselves with the noises of nature to promote calm. This book is the natural next step for those looking to delve more deeply into the power of sound. Cutting through the noise, Farzana Ali digs deep into the science to explain its full therapeutic and restful potential.

Alongside a link to a free digital sound recording that the reader can use as a basis for their own practices at home, the book offers discussions on: the different types of therapeutic sound, from vibroacoustic massage to soundscapes and creativity-fuelling sound baths the role of sound on the brain and why, for example, Himalayan bowls work the benefits of sound healing, from better sleep to pain management and reducing anxiety what connects sound healing to mindfulness and being in nature how sound healing works as a form of passive rest, making it ideal for the highly stressed. Farzana shares practical tips and activities that can be used in everyday life, with advice on extra tools to use alongside sound healing, including active listening, art therapy, intention setting and breath work.

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