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PRE-ORDER: Sensory Crystal Healing by Amaris

To be published on 9 Apr 2024. Pre-orders will be sent out as soon as stock is available.

Would you like to experience crystals in a completely new way, using sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste to tap into the healing energies of the Universe? Welcome to Gem Sorcery, a sensory approach to crystal work that connects you with the Universal Consciousness, bringing you into an empowered state where you can make lasting changes in your life. At the heart of the book are seven chakra chapters, each one dedicated to one of the major chakras (energy centres) of the body. Each of these chakra chapters profiles the crystals that work best to activate that specific chakra, and suggests sensory activities to deepen your connection with the chakra and the Universal Consciousness.

Activate sight by contemplating the colours of nature, the crystals, even the book's vibrant photography, which is charged with the energies of the crystals. Activate hearing through audio downloads of Amaris's visceral meditations and through many sound-therapy exercises. Activate touch by focusing on the sensation of holding a crystal or feeling it on the body.

Activate smell through a meditation taking you back to a moment you smelled oranges, for instance, or through the use of different essential oils. Activate taste via a wide range of herbs, each with its own healing powers. Together, the sensory methods in this book will put you in touch with your innate divinity, activate your self-transformational powers and ultimately enable you to become creator of your own reality.

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