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Psalter of Cain/Psalterium Caini (deluxe edition) by Andrew Chumbley, Daniel Schulke, and others

Hardcover. Octavo. 110pp. Three-quarter deep red leather with crimson cloth boards and silver paper-covered slipcase. Letterpress. Illustrations, color initials, tailpieces etc. throughout. Deluxe edition limited to 171 numbered copies.

Condition: Fine, unread copy.

"'The Psalter of Cain' consists of a series of devotional magical works to Cain, holy ancestor of sorcerers. … These Cainite arcana received their highest ritual and literary expression in Andrew D. Chumbley's 'Dragon-Book of Essex.' The Psalter of Cain is the first public work of joint authorship of the magical order Cultus Sabbati, its pages drawn from the collective work of its present initiatic body. As a work of devotional rite, charm, and incantation, the book manifests the transcendant Sabbatic vision of Cainite Gnosis: the radiance which illumines the Nocturnal Eden, the light of vision-anointed eyes."
Contributions by: Andrew D. Chumbley, Daniel A. Schulke, Robert Fitzgerald, Frater A.B.A., Soror T.A., Frater A.Z., Soror I.S., Soror S.I., Frater A.A., Frater R. I. 

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