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Qabalah for Wiccans by Jack Chanek

Take your Pagan practice to new heights with this guide to Hermetic Qabalah from a Wiccan perspective. Author Jack Chanek shows you how to connect Qabalistic concepts to the Gods and the essential components of Wiccan ritual, making it simple to enhance your practice. Featuring correspondences, journal prompts, and dozens of exercises, Qabalah for Wiccans teaches you to use Qabalah for spellcasting and incorporate its symbolism into Wiccan rituals and workings.

Explore the Tree of Life, learn to use it for meditation and pathworking, and discover the significance of the individual Sephiroth. Uncover Qabalistic connections to Wiccan theology and deepen your worship of Pagan deities. This book makes Qabalah less intimidating, showing you how it works and why it matters.

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