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Radical Intuition by Kim Chestney

by: Gardners

Working as a leader in the technology sector for nearly twenty years, Kim Chestney observed that intuition played a huge role in business and cultural progress. Through research and practice, Chestney evolved techniques that allow anyone to tap into this extraordinary power that is actually hardwired into us all. Radical Intuition presents a pioneering understanding of our inner wisdom not as some murky, mystical kind of hunch but as the highest form of everyday human cognition. Chestney shows how anyone can tune in to this guidance within to understand who they are and how to achieve their highest potential. Her practice helps readers develop their own intuitive development system, one that allows them to be conscious of their insights and to use them to create, innovate, and thrive. Aligned with this inner compass, people are empowered to not only create their own best lives but to live in ways that facilitate optimal outcomes for the people, communities, and businesses around them.