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Red Tara by Rachel Stevens

A complete introduction to the Buddhist goddess Tara, with special emphasis on her form as Red Tara. Tara is one of the most celebrated goddesses in the Buddhist world, representing enlightened activity in the form of the divine feminine. She protects, nurtures, and helps practitioners on the path to enlightenment. Manifesting in many forms and in many colors to help beings, Tara's red form represents her powers of magnetization, subjugation, and the transformation of desire into enlightened activity. Red Tara has gained popularity in recent years with practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism worldwide. She is considered to be particularly powerful in times of plague and disharmony. This comprehensive overview focuses on the origins, forms, and practices of Tara, providing the reader with insightful information and inspirations relating to the goddess. Its second part focuses on Red Tara, a powerful and liberating form of Tara that is particularly important to connect with in a time of crisis. These chapters cover various forms of Red Tara found throughout the Tibetan Buddhist world, the particular qualities she represents, and how through prayers and meditation we can embody her principles and truly benefit beings. An accompanying appendix includes prayers, songs, and meditations on the goddess, enabling readers to directly connect with their compassionate enlightened nature through practices associated with this powerful Buddhist female deity.

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