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Reiki Shamanism by Jim Pathfinder Ewing

by: Watkins Wisdom

Millions of people worldwide have been introduced to Reiki, the Japanese 'hands on' form of healing; and shamanism has been practiced by indigenous cultures around the world for thousands of years. In this book, shaman and Reiki Master Jim PathFinder Ewing (Nvnehi Awatisgi in Cherokee) combines both traditions to demonstrate step by step how anyone with rudimentary knowledge of Reiki or shamanism can heal people, places and things at hand or from a distance.This is a 'hands on' book for an out-of-body experience, a manual for actually healing using shamanic techniques and practicing Reiki. The author explains Reiki and shamanism in simple, concise terms, and goes on to explain how to journey shamanically and how to practice Reiki in the shamanic journey based on his own experience with examples from his own practice. As with his previous books, there are simple exercises to perform in order to build mastery and references to other books and Internet resources to expand one's knowledge. In this work, the principles are explained so that even the novice can understand what is involved, while experienced practitioners of Reiki or shamanism can expand their knowledge and ability.