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Indian Philosophy



Revealing Krishna by Sonya Rhie Mace & Bertrand Porte & Thierry Zephir

by: Watkins Books

Focuses on a remarkable, over life-size sculpture of Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu, in one of the earliest sculptural representations known from Cambodia. The sculpture of Krishna lifting Mount Govardhan is one of the highlights of the Cleveland Museum of Art. Dating from c 600 CE, its story, meanings and depictions in the art of India and Southeast Asia are discussed in this new volume with reference to images of the ideal ruler, protector of the realm, and clan hero.

The authors delve into several fascinating aspects behind the sculpture. These include locating the sculpture in the context of the other seven monumental sculptures from the same site, how it would have been dramatically installed in a cave sanctuary amid the delta floodplains, and its connections with the nearby royal center of Angkor Borei. Furthermore, the authors relate the compelling life story of the object from the colonial period to the present day, showing how geo-political and social changes affected the process of conservation and reconstruction.