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Ritual Space and the Crooked Path Beyond (Volume 1) by Peter Hamilton-Giles

Limited hardback edition.

The topic of ritual space is something that many of us are involved with, we may feel entrenched, or that we have succumbed to unspoken forces, we may on the other hand use it to express belonging while at the same time propitiating our sense of Otherness, and yet dynamics informing how we apprehend ritual space have for the most part gone unnoticed. Especially within the occult and esoteric world the notion of ritual space continues to be largely overlooked, assumed, or taken for granted, without there ever being a mention of it as a viable interface for encouraging contact with the unknown.

The first volume in what will be a short series of explorative conversations details the work of Edmund Husserl’s On the Phenomenology of Consciousness of Internal Time. However, this is not an in-depth examination of Husserl’s work but rather a conversation about how we come to apprehend ritual space by being conscious of internal time. Husserl is therefore used as a guide, as a partner to walk with, so that we might dance through shadows toward realms that have yet to make themselves known to us.

As something of an extrapolation, the book suggests the crooked path is an endemic reality. Regardless of designation, as intersubjective beings we position ourselves in relation to objects, space and time despite heritage or truth. In what might be considered a heretic turn, the first volume in The Ritual Space and the Crooked Path Beyond contends that we are all in our own way members of the crooked path, that the notion of eclectics and truth are integrally based around how we sustain existence by comprehending prevalent disconnections.

For my part, I consider this to express a fundamental principle of sorcerous practice because the path is not set but twists and turns according to our current fascinations. In a sense, the Crooked Path distorts the known and thereby preferences internal dimensions of time that have no true physical equivalent. Unbound and unblemished by the known, Ritual Space and the Crooked Path Beyond requests a reset on how to establish a point of communication through understanding.

This work is particularly helpful for those currently involved in the Black Dragon Series and the Baron Citadel series of volumes. But understand this, in no way is this open discussion designed to foreclose on other possibilities and expressions, instead the book intends to expose our comprehension of matter and anti-matter and all that dwells between and beyond by debating the extent of our consciousness of time.

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