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Ritual Space and the Crooked Path Beyond Volume 2 by Peter Hamilton-Giles

Limited hardback edition.

Volume 2 of Ritual Space and the Crooked Path Beyond contends absence has a causal effect on how a ritual space is constructed. The sorcerer of the crooked path despairs at occult orthodox interpretations on how a ritual space should be approached. In this groundbreaking monograph, Hamilton-Giles takes the reader on a journey of discovery, where the role of absence is specifically addressed through the idea of deviation, in that absence as an absolute alterity cannot be grasped other than through aberrative monstrosities re-presenting what is ‘not’. The premise for this proposition involves undertaking an exploration of what is obfuscated from the lifeworld. Having a metaphysic application, the Other, to which the ritual space is designed, specifies the development of indeterminacies that resonate an opposition to physical normality.

As with Volume 1, Ritual Space and the Crooked Path: Absence, Causality and Deviations operates as a referential bedrock for the Black Dragon series that Hamilton-Giles is currently involved in. As previous stated, these monographs should be thought of as operating as an addendum to the Black Dragon work. However, these monographs do more than this for anyone who has or wants to construct a ritual space.

Quizzical, discerning and heretic, this monograph along with future monographs aims to challenge the taken for granted assumptions that are made when erecting a ritual space. Providing an alternative perspective, the work calls into question what these assumptions may be, whilst showing that all ritual spaces, regardless of orientation, have at their heart a certain crookedness, one which resonates the crooked path.

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