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Sacred Pathways by Cassandra Eve

by: Watkins Books

The Sacred Feminine archetypes within astrology, mainly found within the frequencies of asteroids and dwarf planets, are a deep rich source of wisdom for our lives now.


For centuries Feminine wisdom has been suppressed, dishonoured and denied, contributing to crisis in every aspect of our lives and especially to our disconnection from each other and our Earth. At this time the voice of the Sacred Feminine is calling to be acknowledged, expressed and heard as a potent guide to a new way of being here on Planet Earth that honours, nurtures and upholds the sanctity of all life.


In "Sacred Pathways" Cassandra presents seven Feminine archetypes – Venus as Creatrix, Psyche as Soul Child, Vesta as Priestess, Ceres as Earth Mother, Artemis as Moon Maiden, Juno as Queen of Heaven & Pallas Athena as Wisdom Warrior in their both their light and shadows as guides to women's unique journey of evolution.


Exploring these archetypes through astrology, mythology, personal story and an evolutionary perspective, this book opens doors into woman’s psyche and beyond it.  It presents a series of pathways for women to connect deeper with the creative power they innately are, to be present within their heart’s calling, to embody their unique cyclical and rhythmic nature, and to honour the deep wisdom of their knowing in relationships and the wider world.


Cassandra Eve is an astrologer, soul coach, women's facilitator and writer.  For more than 30 year's Casssandra has been sharing universal and women's wisdom internationally.  "Sacred Pathways" is her second book and will be followed by the second book in this series: "Sacred Pathways - Embracing the Dark Goddess Archetypes in You".