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Schneider von Groot's Christmas Dream

Illustrated by Marco Sabbatani.

 "Schneider Von Groot's Christmas Dream" unfolds the tale of one man's fierce struggle against countless inebriated demons. On Christmas Eve, Von Groot, en route to his family, pauses for respite on a roadside bank. Abruptly, malevolent demons materialize, infiltrating his eyes and ears. In a drunken rage, they, along with their cohorts, attempt to restrain him with willow and fir ties. Though he bravely dispatches thousands of these diminutive adversaries, he eventually succumbs to their overpowering force. A green elf saviour intervenes, liberating him from the entanglement. Grateful but perplexed, Von Groot queries the reason for the bloodshed. A voice attributes it to schnapps, linking its consumption to the darkness of hell and all its associated atrocities.

 Details about the poem's author, published in New York in 1885 under the pseudonym "BROADBRIM," remain scarce.

 Marco Sabbatani brought to life the demonic odyssey of Von Groot with his illustrations, crafting a psychedelic and sinister scenario that visually captures the essence of the narrative. Sabbatani's artistic interpretation adds a unique and evocative dimension to the story, portraying the otherworldly struggles and dark encounters in a mesmerizing and chilling manner. His illustrations contribute a vivid and haunting visual component to the already compelling poem, making the demonic journey of Von Groot a captivating and immersive experience for the reader.

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