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Seeking the Path by Ñanavira Thera

'Seeking the Path' is the second volume of the collected writings of Ñanavira Thera. It contains his early writings (1954-1960) and marginalia, and serves as a supplement to 'Clearing the Path', the first volume of writings which brings together materials originated after the author attained sotapatti (Stream-entry) on 27.06.1959. In March 1963 Ñanavira wrote to one of his correspondents: With regard to any of my past writings that you may come across [...] I would ask you to treat with great reserve anything dated before 1960, about which time certain of my views underwent a modification. If this is forgotten you may be puzzled by inconsistencies between earlier and later writings. ('Clearing the Path', L. 49) A large part of 'Seeking the Path' consists of the elaborate correspondence with his friend and fellow monk Ñanamoli Thera. This volume also contains two essays ('Nibbana and Anatta' and 'Sketch for a Proof of Rebirth') which were published in abbreviated form (the texts reproduced here are taken from the author s typescripts, which may be regarded as the definitive versions), the contents of the author's 'Commonplace Book', and 'Marginalia', being the comments made in the margins of various books that helped shaping his thoughts. Finally there is a collection of 'Miscellany', various loose papers discovered after the author's death

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