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Shodo by Rie Takeda

SHO : to write, writing, calligraphy. DO : the path, the way or the Tao, the path of lifeAncient Japanese calligraphy, known as Shodo, is more than just a decorative art; it is a revolutionary approach to mindfulness. This beautiful introduction to Shodo shows how the movement of a brush channels energy through the body and mind, uniting both in harmony.

In this book Rie Takeda, world-renowned Shodo artist and expert shares: the history, philosophy and spirituality of Shodothe craft of calligraphy from the basic brushstrokes up to complete kanjipractical guidance on which inks, pens and brushes to use, how to prepare your space, how to sit and breathespiritual insight into Shodo, including the concept of Mushin (an undisturbed mind), Qi energy, and how to discover and channel your unique inner quality. You will discover that what results on the paper during Shodo is a true depiction of the present moment, a movement toward a more peaceful mindfulness.

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