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Silent Compassion by Richard Rohr

In Silent Compassion, Richard Rohr explores practices for finding God in the depths of silence and shows us that the divine silence is more than the absence of noise. Silence has a life of its own, and in this short but powerful little book we are invited into its living presence to experience the wholeness of being and peace it brings. Drawing on centuries-old practices, in Silent Compassion Richard Rohr explores different aspects of Christian contemplation, showing how silence can absorb the challenges of life and connect us with the great chain of being - as well as building unity among different religions that all use the practices of silence.

Packed full of thought-provoking wisdom, this is a book for anyone seeking to deepen their relationship with God and looking for spiritual fulfilment. It is perfect for morning or evening reflection, to help revitalise and refresh the way you look at prayer. Silent Compassion will inspire you and show that the peace of contemplation is not something just for monks, mystics, and those divorced from the worries of the world, but rather for all people who can quiet their own mind to listen in the silence.

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