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Swagatam Tarot by Pankhuri Agarwal

Welcome to the Swagatam Tarot. The word swagatam means "welcome" in Sanskrit, one of the most ancient languages in the world. Based on Indian culture combined with the philosophies of Hinduism, the rich and unique images of this 92-card deck invite you to explore concepts of healing and self-exploration that have been around for centuries.

The aces represent mudras, or hand gestures explained through the card images, which act as foundations to your work with yourself and others. An additional Minor Arcana suit, the suit of Smoke, completes the energy of the deck with the fifth element of ether, encompassing space and sky. Those new to Tarot as well as seasoned readers will find this engaging deck an important tool for gaining insight into self-development and well-being.

As well as providing keywords and card descriptions, the accompanying guidebook provides an elemental and lifestyle spread to provide balance and overcome challenges. Immerse yourself in the "swag" of this deck, with its rich, cultural delight, for a diverse and in-depth divination experience.

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