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Myth & Folklore

Tales and Legends of the Devil by Claude & Corinne Lecouteux

Explores the many forms and abilities of the devil in stories from around the world. The devil has many more guises than the cliche red boogeyman named Lucifer or Satan who haunts Christianity. In some traditions the devil is sinister and cunning, while others portray him as an oaf who can easily be conned and evaded by anyone with an ounce of cleverness.

In other tales and legends, he is the primal shapeshifter, and the Roma, also known as the gypsies, claimed his talents of metamorphosis were so strong he could even assume the appearance of a priest. Drawing on folk traditions from all over Europe, including Transylvanian Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Switzerland, Italy, France, Scandinavia, Moravia, Bohemia, Lapland, and the Baltic countries, Claude and Corinne Lecouteux explore the many forms and abilities of the devil in stories, tales, and legends throughout the ages. They trace the devil's shapeshifting powers back to their Vedic origins in ancient India and look at his connections with witches, storm magic, and other magical events.

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