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The Basilian Aphorisms by Mirco A. Mannucci & Aaron Cheak

by: Watkins Books

THE BASILIAN APHORISMS (Aphorismi Basiliani) presents eighteen ‘Hermetic Canons’ which cut to the heart of the triadic structure of the macrocosm and microcosm. Describing both the external world of nature, in which the three kingdoms prevail, and the human trichotomy of spirit, soul, and body, the Basilian Aphorisms are designed for deep meditation upon the thrice-great Hermetic mystery: Sulphur, Mercury, and Salt.

Composed in Latin under the ægis of a certain ‘Hermophilo Philochemico’ (a pseudonymous compiler whose name means ‘Friend of Hermes, Friend of Chymistry’) the Aphorisms were first published at Marburg, Germany, in 1608. They later appeared in the Theatrum Chemicum, after which they were translated into French and Italian. Presented here in English for the very first time, this Rubedo Press edition provides a facing-page translation alongside the Latin original, together with a detailed commentary upon each canon by Dr. Mirco A. Mannucci and Dr. Aaron Cheak.