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The Book of Q’abiTz by David Herrerias

by: Watkins Books

The Book of Q’ab iTz is part of a series of books that Atramentous Press will be producing on the subject of the Dragon’s Column, this being the cohort who contributed towards the work that eventually became The Dragon Book of Essex by A. D. Chumbley. It is in light of this that The Book of Q’ab iTz should be considered as having both a talismanic and telesmatic application.

The Book of Q’ab iTz appears as the vessel for the sorcerer, for contained within is the evidence of a practitioner who has dedicated the past few years to the arte magical. As an artist and practitioner of the crooked path David Herrerias has emerged as a contemporary mystic. With a similar style to Austin Osman Spare and Andrew Chumbley, The Book of Q’ab iTz will surely be regarded as the most revered enchiridion for the dreaming Self.

Paperback edition.