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The Coronation by Charles Eisenstein

Hope and isolation, courage and division, withdrawal and reunion - how can we find meaning as we emerge from the troubled time of Covid? Renowned social philosopher and best-selling author Charles Eisenstein offers a way forward through a series of unforgettable essays that give us a new model of sense-making in a post-Covid world. Eisenstein narrates the disintegration of an old normal, an old reality, even, an old mythology. These essays, each with a new introduction, ring with relevancy even as the charge dissipates from previously hot-button issues.

Now, as we survey the post-Covid landscape, we have the opportunity to build something more sound, more whole, and more sane. The Coronation brings new clarity to a vital question whose time has come: What world shall we choose now?'There are moments in our history in which the art of the written word captures the extraordinary beauty of the human condition as it hangs suspended in tenuous polarity at a tipping point of evolution. The Coronation is one of these moments.' Zach Bush, MD

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