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The Devil’s Supper by Shani Oates

First edition hardback, limited to 600 copies.
Condition: Fine, unread copy.

Always, the Devil is presented as a beacon of decadence and indulgence, whether fair or foul. And, whether droll or tragic, he does – in spite of his bad press – appear always to have our best interests at heart. Perhaps this is why many of us have a soft spot for this notorious rebel who reflects, as he does, the all too human element within. As supreme chimera, he is without peer; his amorphous ambiguity allows him to cross continents, cultures, and time effortlessly; he afflicts art and society in ever more creative and challenging ways… To know his work, we must seek what lies beneath the final mask.

The Grande Sabbat Feast, The Night Visitations, and the Faerie Rade – The Devil’s Supper is the sacred and profane history of a buffoon, racketeer, demon, daemon, trickster, Faerie King, Great Opposer, and the Lie.

From pre-history to post-modern times, the bogeyman behind folk tales and legends tells his long tale in this uniquely historical perspective – one that explores why Providence is the sacred duty of The Lord of this World. From Carnival to Utopia, and from Feast to Famine, the secret traditions of the Devil and all his Works are explored in considerable depth and explained by the people who feared and courted him, rather than ecclesiastical authorities. His tools of arte range from his holy trident to profane hallucinogenics, and from sacred cup to holy feast.

From Scapegoat to master of illusion, the Devil is ever present as the Great Opposer. He is the primeval master of disguise, and master of ceremonies; he is the grand host of the Sabbat.

Through incarnations and paradigm shifts, his coat is of many colours. From Heresy to Houzle, the enigma of the Devil is seductively astute. This narrative is an invitation to sup at his table as we profile him through theology and myth. As The Devil’s Supper tackles concepts of evil, sin, and retribution, what he has to say may just enlighten you!

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