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The Fool's New Journey Tarot by John Matthews

Discover a completely new way of divining with Tarot that’s connected to the past but points to the future! The world is continually changing and will never be the same as it once was. Tarot, too, must change, and the Fool must begin a new journey. The advent of psychology, magical viewpoints, and worldwide societal upheaval changed everything and led scholar John Matthews to determine that something new was required—something that would bring Tarot into the present.

The Fool’s New Journey Tarot, a 60-card deck, represents recognizable aspects of the human condition without losing the deeper resonance of the traditional 78-card deck. The art created by Charles Newington is very different from that of earlier times as it strives to be simpler, more direct, and more personal in order to better speak to modern issues. It is a deck that strips away the ancient symbology, brings the Tarot back to zero, and then takes it to places it has never been before, through new dimensions and by new roads.

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