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The Gatsby Love & Wisdom Oracle by H. Estrella Montien

by: Watkins Books

The Gatsby Love & Wisdom Oracle is a beautiful and unique oracle deck that pays tribute to the movie, The Great Gatsby. It's a work of art you'll want to cherish for years. You'll find over 44 stunning, hand-drawn cards with an oracle system that walks readers through the story of the movie and helps them uncover the wisdom of their own life journey in an interactive way.

The oracle is created by Dr. Estrella Montien, featuring various images that you would find familiar in the movie. It’s appropriate for all genders, especially those who like fashion and those who fancy the Roaring 20s or the Jazz Age. The deck has 2 versions – the purple-edge gilding and the gold-edge gilding and both versions have 44 cards inside a hard box including an English Guidebook for your psychic reading.