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Oracle Cards

The I Ching Oracle by Catherine Pilfrey

The I Ching, or the Book of Changes, is an ancient book of wisdom and guidance―rooted in Daoist and Confucian philosophy―on how to live fully and nobly while managing life’s ups and downs.   This beautiful, thoughtfully conceived card deck presents the I Ching as a contemporary guide and oracle, answering questions like: How can I be my best self in any situation? How do I handle a tough conversation with my partner or co-worker? How do I find a fulfilling career?  The I Ching is made up of 64 hexagrams―a combination of six straight and broken lines―that encompass all of life’s experiences and comprise all the possible combinations of Yin and Yang. Each card features one hexagram with its accompanying guidance, which is written to be easily understood, empowering, and optimistic.  Traditionally, consulting the I Ching involved throwing coins or yarrow sticks and referring to a book that contained antiquated and often-opaque language. This relevant, fresh, and accessible deck reimagines the I Ching without archaic vocabulary and confusing metaphors.  Just ask a question and then pull a card to access your intuitive voice and be guided on your best path forward.     The I Ching Oracle card box contains:    •  64 hexagram cards in myriad colors with unique patterns inspired by Asian, African, Mayan, and Aboriginal motifs that communicate the energy of each hexagram

•  A 100-page color guidebook with information on the I Ching and detailed explanations for each card

•  A beautifully designed magnetic-closure book box with a ribbon pull tab for the cards

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