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The Icons of Althaeban Malik by Carolyn & Peter Hamilton-Giles

by: Watkins Books

The Icons of Althaeban Malik consists of 80 sigil and spirit cards. They are called spirit cards because they can be used to position familiars and djinn when circumambulating the horizonal range of the Proklosis Ring this being the liminal veil between physical and metaphysical realities. Each card comes with a title which will also be featured in Codex Althaeban Malik, and in accordance with this the cards are to be used in concert with the instructions contained within the book.

The cards consist of 73 sigillic designs for the djinn, familiars and daemon overseers. This means for the avid practitioner that each spirit will have a physical touchstone. This is an important addition to the book and will come in very useful when working through the ritual text of which there is quite an amount. Beyond the 73 sigillic cards there will be 7 other illustrations which have to some extent been featured.

 Limited to 150 sets.