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The Mindful Universe : A journey through the inner and outer cosmos by Mark Westmoquette

by: Gardners

The Mindful Universe explores the scientific workings of the Universe, its awe-inspiring nature and how it can be partnered with mindfulness to bring meaning to our lives. The universe is an infintely complex concept. Containing countless galaxies, solar systems and unknown planets.

It encompasses everything we know, and everything we don't. This book explores how through exploring some of the deepest questions about the universe, we can also uncover insights about ourselves. Mark Westmoquette takes you on a fascinating journey through space, time, our mind and the mysteries of the cosmos in this lovingly-written book.

Through practical meditations, facts and anecdote, he points the reader to a life-affirming realisation: that when we start to observe things mindfully, just as they really are, we start to find the secrets of the Universe revealing themselves before our very eyes. Part of the Mindfulness series, this book looks at science through the lens of mindfulness and spirituality, bringing together two seemingly opposed beliefs through topics such as: The journey of a photonOur chemical origins from the birth of starsThe nature of timeThe limits to our sensesThe beauty of nebulaeNon-duality and quantum theory... and much moreIf you like this, you might also be interested in Einstein and the Art of Mindful Cycling .