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The New Revelations of Being & Other Mystical Writings by Antonin Artaud

Translated and with an introduction by Peter Valente. Illustrated by Martin Bladh.

The New Revelations of Being & Other Mystical Writings includes a selection of texts and letters written by Antonin Artaud from 1933 to 1937 which explore astrology, alchemy, oriental philosophies, Christian ritual and magic, the Tarot, and the civilizations of India and Mexico. 

Artaud’s extensive reading and thinking on metaphysics and religion produced essays such as “Notes on Oriental, Greek and Indian Cultures,” “Mexico and Civilization,” “The Eternal Betrayal of the Whites,” “The Life and Death of Satan the Fire” and “The Breath that Returns to God...” The central text in this volume is The New Revelations of Being. In this work, Artaud is the “Revealed One,” the madman and fool of the Tarot, who possesses secret knowledge that he believes will allow him to enact his apocalyptic vision of a world transformed through destruction. 

These documents capture Artaud at the point in his life where he had nothing to lose and was about to embark on a journey which would change the trajectory of his life forever.


Now, no longer existing, I see what exists.

I really identified with this Being, this Being that ceased to exist.

And this Being revealed everything to me.

I knew it, but I couldn’t say it, and if I can begin speaking of it now, it is because I left reality.

It is a true Desperate One who speaks to you and who knows the happiness of being in the world only now that he has left this world and is absolutely separated from it 


I am not dead, I am separated.


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