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The Pain Solution by Saloni Sharma

by: Gardners

Most of us are acquainted with everyday aches and pains. Some of us, after an injury, after surgery, after COVID, or even without an event, know a different kind of pain - one that lingers and doesn't respond to medications. It keeps us from living a full life. As Dr. Saloni Sharma shows, all of us can learn to prevent, ease, and even triumph over pain. With empathy and solid scientific insight, Sharma offers a personalized five-step pain relief program built on what she calls "microboosts," little steps that add up to big pain relief. Her techniques help readers: -understand the unique aspects of their pain -visualize doing their most cherished activities without pain -easily incorporate food changes to alleviate pain and inflammation -move better, at home and at work, to release natural neurochemical painkillers -recharge and recover through sleep, mindfulness, stress reduction, and supportive social relationships. All of Sharma's techniques are illustrated with inspiring patient examples and personal stories, creating the kind of practical, warm, and inspiring doctor visit we all might hope for, only in book form. Her methods allow readers not only to imagine but also to create, step-by-step, the pain-free life they deserve.