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The Path of the Serpent by Hereward Tilton

by: Watkins Wisdom

Historically, the symbolism of this path to gnosis can be traced back to Platonising notions of the cosmic axis and the Chaoskampf mythology of the ancient Semitic civilizations. In this first volume of The Path of the Serpent, Hereward Tilton appeals to the neuropsychology of hypo-egoic states of consciousness to account for the origins and remarkable historical persistence of this imagery. Reflecting upon his self-experimentation with psychedelics, the author documents the recent discovery of the near-critical dynamics of the human nervous system, which maintains an adaptive proximity to a transformative threshold. From this perspective, gnostic serpentine imagery can be interpreted as an interoceptive expression of just such ‘edge of chaos’ dynamics, which constitute a primordial source of order within the human individual, the biosphere, and the wider natural cosmos.