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The Radiant Tarot by Tony Barnstone

The creation of THE RADIANT TAROT deck was born from the author and artist's years of working with archetypal images, the universal symbolic language. Sentient animal and plant kingdoms animate the artwork, honouring and acknowledging the interconnectedness of all life. The art is inspired by “Gaia mind,” where all creation's forms―animal, vegetable, mineral―affect our precious planet in life-supporting ways. The words of Rainer Maria Rilke “the animal world beholds the Open” invite us to understand this renowned poet's insistence that “one must know animals, must feel how the birds fly, and know the gestures with which small flowers open in the morning.” William Blake speaks of “animal forms of wisdom,” says that “Nature is Imagination itself.” It is the creative energy of these master artists drawn from the natural world that inspire THE RADIANT TAROT.
78 full coloured cards & 192pp guidebook.

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