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The Restorative Spirit by Mick Collins

Illuminating the soul in a time of global awakening

"The Restorative Spirit" is a heart-centred pilgrimage into ‘the farther reaches of our collective human potential’. Mick Collins draws on diverse knowledge, such as the wisdom of Carl Jung, the Spiritism of Allan Kardec, as well as revelations from near-death research and mysticism. He shows how transpersonal consciousness and moral conscience are pivotal for restoring balance between people and planet in this time of multiple crises. 

"The Restorative Spirit" is a deep immersion into the world of soul progression, dream work, karma, prayer, synchronicity, spirit guides and miracles. Full of life changing stories about people’s profound psycho-spiritual transformations, this engaging book reveals how we can make the best use of our time in this incarnation. It is a call to participate in the co-creation of a soulful and sustainable future for all life on planet Earth.




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