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The Royal Path of Shakti by Daniel Odier

The first step-by-step guide to the techniques of Kaula Tantra, the practical yogini path to enlightenment. Written in the 8th century by the sage Matsyendranatha, the Kaulajnananirnaya Tantra records the secret erotic and magical practices of the Yogini Kaula tradition, a tradition focused on practical methods for attaining enlightenment. Although the text contains roughly 60 practices, it was written in a "twilight language" that obscures the secret principles that make the techniques work.

It is the role of a master to awaken the initiate to the esoteric meaning of the practices within the text. Revealing the practices and secret principles of Kaula Tantra with permission from his Himalayan tantric yogini master Lalita Devi, Daniel Odier explains each erotic and magical technique of Kaula in depth. Providing a complete translation of the Kaulajnananirnaya Tantra from Sanskrit, he connects each practice to the text by Matsyendranatha and offers vivid stories of his initiation into the practices.

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