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The Sorcery of Solomon by Sara L. Mastros

The Clavicula Salomonis (The Key of Solomon) is a family of closely related historic grimoires legendarily attributed to Solomon, the biblical Magician King. S. L. Mathers's famed 1889 English edition presented forty-four Hebrew seals, commonly called the "planetary pentacles." However, it offered very little guidance for how to work with them. Sara Mastros, a leading teacher and practitioner of magic, translates and interprets each of these pentacles and presents practical methods for working with their magical powers.

In The Sorcery of Solomon, author Sara Mastros:

  • places The Key of Solomon in a historical and folkloric context,
  • presents a complete, fresh translation of all forty-four pentacles, and
  • guides the reader through the process of working with Solomon pentacles.

Primarily intended for intermediate-level magicians who already have basic knowledge of spellcraft, 
The Sorcery of Solomon is also appropriate for beginners who are willing to do a bit of extra "homework."

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