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The Spanda-Karikas With The Spanda-Nirnaya by Madhusudan Kaul (trans)

The Spanda system owes its origin to Shivasutras and concerns itself with their elucidation and popularization. The name of the commentary written by Ksemaraja is Spandanirnaya. It was undertaken at the request of his own pupil Sura. The Karikas numbering in all fifty are arranged into three chapters and each chapter is called Nissyanda, i.e., vibration. The first vibration goes by the name of the vitality in real nature, the second by the energy in the rise of intuition and the third by the energy in and of glory. The last chapter, through called Nissyanda, does not form part of the main body of the book and is a mere panegyric on the author's spiritual teacher and the author. The present book contains translations of the Sutras of the Spandakarikas and Spandanirnaya.

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