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Magick & Occult

The Static Alignments by Austin Osman Spare & William Wallace

Featuring Fragmentum, written by AOS, here are the principles underlying his art. 
Detailed notes transcribed by Frank Letchford from his advanced lessons in portraiture, this is an indispensable resource for anyone wishing to gain an intimate understanding of Spare’s work practice. Letchford studied the myriad principles underlying Spare’s rich and varied art production. Spare’s preferred materials and theories on how best to produce drawings by exploiting photography are complemented by art-historical wisdom.
Spare’s devotion to geometry is revealed by William Wallace in relation to Dürer, the Occult, and to Spare’s monogram, early drawings, and late aphorisms. Richly illustrated throughout with as yet unseen works and abundantly annotated with endnotes and Appendix.

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