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The Third Eye : Awakening Your True Self by Gian Kumar

This book will enthral and enchant every serious spiritual seeker who wishes to know the beyond of all beyond. The Third Eye takes you beyond spirituality, distancing the self from its doing, towards a higher knowledge where you are neither the observer, knower, doer, enjoyer nor the experiencer. You are neither the physical nor the mental being, for they are but temporarily yours...

appearing and disappearing in that ocean of awareness. You are that formless, eternal presence of universally aware energy performing the Lila of life as the witness, which radiates through its field of consciousness. The subject of spiritualism is indifferent to the world of emotions.

It goes beyond passion and compassion into dispassion; it is sensitive to all as one. Through this sublime subject, Gian Kumar takes you away from those scriptures prescribed by Krishna, Jesus or Buddha into a state of non-being, beyond space and time, entrapped in an individualized soul, and shows you the role it plays during the making of what you are. You, as the spirit, do not transmute but only watch in silence - beyond all efforts and methods - effortlessly witnessing all that is around.

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