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The Tree of Life and Death by Ian Rees

by: Watkins Books

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Transforming the Qliphoth


This book provides an in-depth exploration of the Qliphoth or Shells and looks at the Shadow or unbalanced aspects of the Tree of Life. It is centred around a fascinating practice of alchemical transmutation which brings these Shells into balanced relationship with what has been described as "the great bundle of the living". The Tree of Life and Death will show readers how this was central to the work of Dion Fortune and Aleister Crowley.

It identifies the historical root of this work in Ancient Egypt contemplating the concept of Ma'at or Truth and looks at how this principle becomes pivotal in the development of the Qabalah in working to transform the Qliphoth using the ancient Egyptian forms of the holders of Ma'at - the Eloquent Peasant, the Good Shepherd and the Silent Sage - seeing them as key images that enable us to embody truth and balance and promote that quality in all that we touch.