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The Way of Rest by Jeff Foster

The Way of Rest gathers nearly 200 of Jeff Foster's most inspiring essays, poems, and reflections on restoring and reviving ourselves when we feel exhausted or defeated. Drawing from his personal journey-including his own struggles with illness and depression-Jeff invites us to contemplate "the Way of Rest" and its potential to transform our experience of:* Imperfection-how we are "gloriously flawed" yet complete exactly as we are* Not knowing-how we come to trust in the greater intelligence of life* Melancholy and loneliness-how we learn to release the healing energies of "exquisite sensitivity"* Ordinary moments-recognizing and receiving "the closest thing of all"* Discomfort and discontent-how our frustrations become an opening to deep peace* Love-rediscovering who we are beyond our carefully constructed facades* Silence-discovering the vibrancy of living by letting go of thoughts and concepts"I hope the words in this book inspire, challenge, and encourage you. But most of all, I hope they help you remember that you are life, inseparable from the power that grows the flowers and gives birth to galaxies," writes Jeff Foster.

The Way of Rest brings you his companionship and support whenever you need it most.

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