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The Wisdom Wheel by Alberto Villoldo

by: Gardners

Internationally renowned shamanic teacher and bestselling author Alberto Villoldo presents a brand new, insightful guide to the shamanic teachings of the Andean medicine wheel. Shamanism is the exercise of personal power, born of knowledge, with the goal of service to all beings. The teachings of the medicine wheel - a spiritual technology for healing - have existed for millennia in different forms throughout the world.

The medicine wheel eventually brings you to the wisdom wheel, a subtle process for personal and planetary transformation, necessary for when the world is facing times of crisis that require extraordinary interventions. In this book, you will learn to work with the wisdom wheel and its four 'powers', each of which is associated with an archetypal animal and a sacred journey - the serpent, the journey of the healer; the jaguar, the journey beyond death; the hummingbird, the way of joyous wisdom; and the eagle, the transcending power. Every conquest in the wisdom wheel frees you from a fate predetermined by your genetics and your upbringing - a fate that blocks you from achieving your destiny as homo luminous, the new species of human that can live harmoniously with the Earth and with one another.

As you make your way through the wisdom wheel you will become an Earthkeeper, a steward of all life. Your health and relationships will flourish as you join a sacred journey shared by enlightened humans around the globe - the new story that we are crafting for all the Earth's inhabitants.