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The Witch's Yearbook by Clare Gogerty

A valued companion throughout the seasons, it accompanies the reader through the eight festivals, or sabats, of the pagan calendar, suggesting ways to celebrate and harness the power of each one. Whether it’s celebrating Beltane (1 May), a time of fertility and passion, or honouring the Summer Solstice, a time of abundance and growth, it provides the tools and knowhow to unveil the magick that is all around us waiting to be discovered.
Packed with information and inspiration, it boosts well-being, self-worth and happiness by tapping into the healing power of nature, the cycle of the seasons, the pull of the moon, the wisdom of ancient trees and forgotten paths, and the spiritual rewards of creativity.
It includes:
· Seasonal spells, remedies, rituals and affirmations that use the power of plants, herbs and stones to offer guidance and healing.
· Features including crystal gazing, dowsing for leylines, reading the Tarot, the magick of stone circles and folklore traditions, to increase knowledge and inspire curiosity.
· Creative projects with a witchy purpose that can be used in rituals and spells or as lucky charms.

Whether you are a solitary hedge witch, part of a coven, a practising witch or an aspiring one, it will furnish you with the vital knowledge to enrich your journey and to sprinkle magick and enchantment over every day.

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