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Theia Philosophia by Jason Arthur Green

Theia Philosophia: A Manual of the Royal Arte by Jason Arthur Green is a Theurgic system of training focused principally on achieving Henosis, the unification with the divine. This practical manual offers insights and guidance for the soul’s potential attainment of the symbiosis between the mortal and immortal. The author expounds a Theurgic praxis via various paradigms and esoteric systems connected to the essence of Hermetic, Platonic, Kabbalistic, Vedantic and the multitudinous Theurgic and philosophical systems connected to Sophia Perennis (The Perennial Wisdom). Theia Philosophia equips metaphysicians and esotericists with tools and a foundation to elevate their Theurgic and metaphysical practices, enriching their existing traditions or magico-mystical systems. It also encourages Theurgic practitioners to transcend established esoteric models and create their unique Theurgic paradigm. The author has meticulously created this monograph over the course of nearly a decade, through dedicated practices, research, daring experimentation, and the profound insights derived from these pursuits.

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