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This Is for You by Ellen M. Bard

by: Gardners

A practical guide to the biggest buzzword of the year, "self care." This workbook gives encouraging advice and simple steps to take control of your own wellbeing. We have all heard plenty about the need for self---care as the latest wellness trend. Whether it's allowing yourself a treat at lunchtime, saying no to stressors, or taking time for mindfulness practice, self---care has started to permeate discussions about wellness.

But a lot of the discussion is quite woolly, and has been co---opted by brands to simply sell more luxurious products. There is a lot of talk about self---care - but how do you actually do it in a way that is meaningful? At its core, self---care isn't about fixing your unhappiness by curling up in a blanket! Press Pause moves the self--care trend on, by explaining in practical terms how to make time for yourself, with useful exercises each step of the way. Ellen Bard's experience as an occupational psychologist allows her to help you understand what it is that makes you feel better, and how to make time for it.

100 checklists, visualisations and lists to fill in provide tangible ways that you can be kinder to yourself.