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Torn Letters of Otherness by Ian Edwards & Peter Hamilton-Giles

by: Watkins Books

Limited to 313 copies only.

This first volume, borne from ideas that came to light while communicating with each other, looks at the notion of absence and the first word to be spoken: the alogos. Largely in response to the work of Chumbley and Azoetia, the first word is commonly referred to as the announcement of Self: I. And so it is that from absence, form comes into being as we begin find ways to articulate our knowing. Yet, these small volumes also explore distortions that come from using a language which is not fit for the purposes that the practitioner requires. Underwriting this approach is understandably an alternative rationale, which situates practitioners by proposing that they occupy those spaces which lie between designations. As a result of this our collaboration endeavours to address these subtle nuances that accompany the proliferation of distorted forms, in the hope that it may act as a gateway for practitioners to breach their fold.