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Myth & Folklore

Viral Mythology by Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman

Behind every myth, fairy tale and legend hidden within the art, song and structures of ancient times is an encoded layer of wisdom, science and truth passed down throughout history. This book will examine how information went viral long before the Internet and served as the foundation for mythology, sacred architecture and symbolic imagery throughout the ancient world.


How primitive and ancient cultures conveyed cutting-edge scientific knowledge in their origin stories and myths

Why esoteric knowledge was hidden in symbols, art and architecture during times of religious oppression and persecution

How stories, songs and art served to describe actual historical events

Why diverse civilisations told the same stories and created the same art with common themes and symbols, despite no apparent communication

From the great myths of the Greek, Roman and Norse to the texts of the world's major religions, from folklore and fairy tales of old to sacred edifices and monuments, from cave paintings to the mysterious symbology of the Tarot, VIRAL MYTHOLOGY uncovers the information highway of the past and explores how it affects the more modern methods of communication today.

It all began once upon a time....

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