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Vodou Quantum Leap by Reginald Crosley

Since its first publication, The Vodou Quantum Leap has gained iconic status as one of the most intriguing and visionary works elaborating the most hidden and shadowy dimensions of the Vodou Universe.  At the core of his work, we find Crosley’s radical claim that operational Vodou, especially in the workings of the Secret Societies, is nothing short of applied Quantum and New Physics.

Writing from deep esoteric experience and understanding of Vodou and Afro-centric Gnosis, Crosley also draws on Western and Eastern mysticism, surrealism, shamanism and modern science to open strange doorways for the reader into Vodou as an experience of extraordinary Gnostic and occult possibilities and powers. Amongst other things, his work expands on the mysteries of the infamous voltigeurs, magical ‘leapers’ between the manifold dimensions of reality, investigates the machinations of the Red Sects such as the Bizango and Makaya and enters the forbidden zones of black magic, fetichism and spiritual pacts.

The Vodou Quantum Leap is a bold vision and enthrones Vodou in its rightful place as one of the great world religions and possibly the most powerful mystico-magical system in the world today.

This tribute edition of The Vodou Quantum Leap is a slightly revised and corrected reprint of Theion’s 2014 revised and expanded edition and remains the most complete edition of this seminal work.

The Vodou Quantum Leap features a foreword by David Beth and illustrations by Peter Dyde.

About the Author: Born in Haiti, Reginald Crosley was a member of the influential Haiti littéraire and deeply involved in Haitian Surrealism. He later moved to the United States and had a medical practice specialized in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. He is the author of various books on spirituality and of poetry. He passed away in June 2020.

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