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Welsh Witches and Wizards (hardback) by Michael Howard

First edition published by Three Hands Press, 2009. Limited hardback edition of 300 copies.
Octavo. 182pp. Deep navy cloth with gilt titing to spine and device to upper board. Black endpapers.
Condition: Very good.

The author looks at the widespread belief in witches and wizards in Wales, which reflects a land steeped in legend and myth since ancient times. This popular belief in witchcraft bears little relation to modern neo-pagan Wicca, and there is little evidence of its linkage to a nature religion based on a pre-Christian fertility cult. This book describes the historically-attested Welsh practitioners of folk magic and witchcraft –the Dark Sisters and the Toadmen, the Druids and Wizards, the Cunning Men and Faery Doctors – and the charms and spells they used. Also examined are surviving pagan beliefs associated with holy wells and the cult of the sacred head, and the mysterious and sometimes sinister ‘creatures of the night’ such as faeries, lake monsters, dragons and Black Dogs

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