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You Were Never Broken by Jeff Foster

At one time, Jeff Foster wanted to die. After a lifetime of self-loathing, crippling fear, and attempts to numb his own feelings, he was left on the verge of suicide. It was only when he opened himself completely to his emotions - both the unbearable and the wonderful - that he stopped seeking death and started truly living.

In You Were Never Broken, Foster explores this transformation through poetry so raw and vulnerable that you too will feel the full triumph of his journey. Whether exploring life's uncertainties or the joy of personal realisation, Foster's poems embrace the full spectrum of human experience. Amid these verses, Foster provides his signature direct teachings on meditation, the great value of stillness and silence, and what it means to surrender completely to the beauty of the present moment.

For Foster, the winding path to self-acceptance started with nonjudgmental observation of the thoughts that plagued him - and here he shares his world-renowned expertise on how to begin your own journey. With You Were Never Broken, Jeff Foster shares the true heart of his inspiring, revelatory path to awakening. In his own words, these are poems to make you stand up and cry, "Yes, I am broken .

. . but I am unbreakable!"

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