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Atlantean Secrets Vol.III The Gods Are Wise by Samuel Sagan

The gods.  Their bodies are made of fire.  They live as long as a cosmic cycle.  In one glance, they can change the destiny of a nation.  Why should they care about human beings?

In the kingdom of the mists, the Nephilim Hunters are preparing a strike on the temples of Eisraim and Lasseera.  Aphelion, emissary of the Prince of Darkness, abducts Szar.  High priestess Elyani is desperately fighting to reach the world of the gods.  But the hymns of the Law have lost their power.  The glory that was Atlantis is fading.

A world must end, so a new world may be born.

The third volume of the Atlantean epic by Samuel Sagan, founder of the Clairvision School in Sydney.

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