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Oracle Cards

Christ Consciousness Self-Mastery Oracle by Amanda Ellis

The question "What would Jesus do?" reflects what Christ Consciousness is and asks if we can model the behaviour, energy, and higher love he showed. This 55-card deck is a unique look at how we can model this consciousness in our everyday lives. Christ Consciousness is a living energy within everyone and flows through many belief systems.

The accompanying guidebook fully details how to utilise the deck to embody Christs powerful message of unconditional love toward development of a higher consciousness that all can master and embody, one that will elevate our world to unity. The deck also references key players in Christs story, such as Mother Mary, Joseph, and Mary Magdalene, and is intended for anyone on their spiritual path who wishes to evolve. By featuring the teachings of Christ, it is intended to be nondenominational and act as a bridge between traditional religious dogma and a more individualistic spirituality that is open to everyone.

Aspire higher and awaken the Christ light within yourself.

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